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New buyers of printers often have a question: will any ink cartridge work in my printer? The answer to this is a huge no. sometimes, one ink cartridge can fit into different types of printers. Similarly, one printer may allow a variety of ink cartridges to fit correctly in it. But this does not mean that every cartridge is well-suited for every printer. If the wrong match of an ink cartridge and the printer is made, it may cause harm to both.


There are different ways of finding the appropriate cartridge for your printer. Some common ones are as follows:

Find the Cartridge Number or Name

Some cartridges may look just the same but this does not mean they can fit in the same model of the printer too. There are different ways of finding the cartridge number or its name.

  • The tag on the cartridge pasted directly on its surface may have its name or number.
  • There can be a little piece of paper inside the box of cartridges that may have such basic information on it.
  • The area covering cartridge replacement or maintenance may have the number printed on it.
  • The cartridge number is sometimes written on the owner’s manual.

Look For the Model of the Printer

The model of the printer should be known and it is not a difficult task. When you buy a printer, you get the details by the seller. You need details to buy technology. No one risks buying a piece of machinery without knowing little details about it. Sometimes, it happens you have an old printer and do not know its model. In this case, check the entire body of the printer to find its model or make. If there is a logo on the printer, even that can help search its model. You can use the internet for the purpose. watch a video here on how to fit your print cartridges 

Match the Model of the Printer with the Ink Cartridge Number

There are different online websites like where you can type the model of your printer to find out which cartridges are best-suited for it. We have a huge variety of ink cartridges for every printer and will give you many options of cartridges for your printer, We cater for all your printer  cartridge according to your requirements and budget.

Manufacturing of the Printer Cartridges

All our compatible range of print cartridges are off high quality that can even work better and last longer than original cartridges, All our compatible cartridges are high yield print cartridges of which offer great  savings on your printing costs , But online here or shop at office-plus,ie Swords Dublin,