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OfficePlus is a service support company specializing in the service of all Printers/Photocopier repairs.  We offer in house printer repairs on small to mid range printers, On larger business machines we provide a call our service,

As a HP  partner with over 25 years established as a leading  service company, we provide our customers with a comprehensive range of solutions to help them achieve their business goals.

All our technicians are highly experienced in all major brands HP, Brother, Dell, Canon, Lexmark etc .

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Binding Service


Looking for professional Binding Service ? Office plus can help

Our knowledgeable staff are ready to help by discussing your project’s needs and to help you decide on the best binding service that will suit.

Let us help you make your project a complete success by blinding your thesis/project while you wait,

At an extra cost we can also print your documents preferably in (PDF’s), Just send us your files Via email to , We know how important your projects/reports are so please call us on 01-8408031 to confirm we have received your binding job.

Our quality binding service in located in the heart of Swords Village in Dublin,

Laminating Services


We offer a ‘while you wait’ laminating service. This is a great way to protect documents such as certificates and signs,

Our Laminating service is conveniently located in the heart of Swords village only 5 minutes from Dublin airport with lots of parking

We can laminate as many documents as you need, all whilst you wait. Feel free to browse our stock of stationery

Printing Service

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At Office Plus we offer a complete black & white/ full colour printing service, Our photocopying service is conveniently located in the heart of Swords village only 5 minutes from Dublin airport, Office plus can provide you with the very best Printing service available

We print/ copy all files on the latest hp colour multifunction printer, so whether you need to print straight from a USB or copy important documents, notes,  you can be sure to expect a speedy service with great end results.

To save time we ask that you send in your documents preferably in (PDF’s) to the email address below, Please include your phone number in case we need to contact you.

Printing email address :

Photocopying Service



At Office Plus we offer a complete black & white/ full colour printing and photocopying service, Our photocopier services is conveniently located in Swords Village only 5 minutes from Dublin airport , Office plus can provide you with the very best photocopying services available.

For all inquires please call us on 018408031


Office Printers Working From Home

Office Printers Working From Home


Whether you are running your company from your office at home or if you are trying to print a bundle of documents, having a office printer at home will make the job instantly easier. Sometimes transitioning from an office environment to a work office can seem daunting, as there are many things to adjust. Whatever kind of job you have, whether it is invoicing clients, printing hefty amount of documents as evidence, or graphics printing, a good printer will help you get your job done effectively from the vicinity of your home.

Office Printers are an essential tool that is used at the office, and even at home, to print documents quickly. However, it is also important to know what kind of printer you require, what you want to use it for, so you can stay in your budget, while also getting a printer from a reliable source that fits your requirements. If you still haven’t bought a printer for yourself, we have compiled a list of reasons why printers are important if you are working from home.

Convenience and Low Cost

It is convenient to print out documents that you may require whenever you want when you purchase a printer. Home printing isn’t restricted to just printing documents, instead, you can print out pictures, graphics, posters, and many more things.


Whatever kind of printer you purchase, having a printer at home that you can use to take out prints any time is accessible than running out and getting it done from elsewhere. Make sure you purchase a printer suited for your needs, if your work requires you to print out a lot of documents, then your home printer should be fast. Laser Printers are convenient and accessible to use when you take out a lot of documents daily, but if your work requires you to take out print less frequently, then, ink jet printer would be a suitable option.

Ink or Toner?

Inkjet printers are equipped with a set of ink jets that are used when necessary to inject the ink liquid onto the paper. The ink includes a dynamic colour and pigment mix that is helpful in retaining the page and create a more precise colour. However, toner is a complicated, dry power that contains tiny particles. Laser printers are equipped with toner cartridge, in which the powder substance is powered electronically, warmed, and then shifted onto the page by a revolving drum within the printer. With this, the user can print out as many pages as they want effectively.

Ink for Inkjet Printers can prove to be expensive, that is why it is important to know why you are purchasing it. Make sure to note down how much pages the cartridge can be used for. The ink can dry out, if it is left unused over time.

Printer Cost

Buying a home printer may seem like an expensive purchase, but it lasts for a long time for its value. Many people tend to find a cheaper solution that is why every print brand offers its customers different kinds of printers at an affordable price. As most people don’t need to spend a hefty amount of money on ink jet printers, so they stick to laser jet printers. But, whatever your work may be, there are many printers in the market that lets you print, scan, and copy documents easily. Similarly, it is important to do your research on different kinds of the printer and find one that works for you, so you don’t end up overpaying for a printer that you have no real use for.

Wireless Printers

Even if you don’t have a complete office setup at your home, and you choose to do your work from your laptop, or any other device, then investing in a wireless printer will be a smart option. With the help of a wireless printer, users can connect their printer with any of their devices and print out any paper or graphic print that you might require if you are elsewhere.

This makes it convenient for people working at home because even if you are checking emails on your phone that has an attachment, users can instantly print it out without opening up the laptop.


Printers aren’t merely used just for printing purposes. Often you may be required to scan a report and submit it to other co-workers, or make a copy of a letter, and then add it to the database. That is why it is important to know what kind of printer will be suited best for your work; toner or ink. Laser jet printers allow you to print many documents daily, and it lasts a long time. Whereas, ink printers may require you to get the ink cartridge changed every once a while.


Storing Ink Cartridges

Storing Ink Cartridges



When one works smartly to cut down the printing expenses, they ought to get the most of the cartridges, in a way to use them  smartly and maximize the use of it to the best way possible to ensure that the value of money invested is best used.

In this article we may discus a few tips which will help you maximise the use of your ink cartridges to get the most out of them. By being smarter in such a situation one can ensure that the cartridges last for as long as possible.

Tip#1 Store The Cartridges The Right Way

While making the best use of the cartridges you should store them in an upright position, this trick ensures that the cartridges do not dry out and it may also help prevent any leakages, which leads to a waste of ink,  If your printer only has two cartridges both the black and colour ink cartridges they should be stored either in its original sealed wrapping or in a protected clip, If you expose the printer cartridges for too long in the open the air will cause the print head area of the cartridge to dry up, The will cause the cartridge to print badly or not print at all, if the cartridge has dried up there is something’s we can do to get the cartridge working again, The next step will only work if your printer only has two cartridges and looks similar to the ones in the photo below, If you put the cartridge on a plate with a small amount of lukewarm water just enough to cover the first quarter of the cartridge for about 10-20 seconds it should help break down the hard ink that has formed on the ink cartridge, Do not put the colour cartridge and the black cartridge in the water together as this will lead to cross contamination and the colours will turn a shade of brown, dry the cartridges out with a paper towel and gently rub the print head area to remove any hard that remains. Place the ink cartridge back into the printer and test to see if the cartridges are now printing again, If not repeat the process a few times till you start to see ink coming out onto the page, If there is still no print on the page it may be case the cartridges are empty or is faulty, if so you will need to replace the cartridge with a new one,



Tip#2 Store The Cartridges In The Right Place

When we talk about wanting to increase the life of the ink cartridges, you need to make sure that you store the cartridges in the right ideal place which will increase the storage life of them. The highly recommended place to store such ink cartridges is to place them in cool places which are dark, and dry. Keeping them away from sunlight may help maintain the color of the ink. Cartridges which have been opened can have a shelf life of up to six months only in the case where you store them in the right place using the right way on the other hand the cartridges which are still sealed can be good for use for up to two years the condition being the same, store them the right way. It is suggested that you should keep the ink cartridges in a well ventilated place, which is cool and can maintain the room temperature for long.

Storing the cartridges in warm places may lead to the ink being dried out on permanent basis or it may also make bubbles in the ink which will not be able to print as effectively as before.

Tip#3 Do Not Open the Cartridges Unless You Need To Use Them

The cartridges come in the best packaging and if you uselessly rip them out of the package you are doing nothing but diminishing their shelf and storage life. If the ink is exposed to air it may end up being dried even before the use, leading to nothing but a huge waste of money. The packaging helps maintain to keep them in the real state, if you have removed the packaging what you can do next which serves as the second alternative for the package is that they must be stored outside of the product, place them (nozzles up) in a plastic tub with an airtight lid.

Tip#4  Always leave the ink cartridges in the printer while moving the printer,

It is good practice to always leave the ink cartridges in the printer when the printer is being moved/transported, When the printer is in standby mode or is powered off the printer will move the cartridges into its home position, when in its home position it seals the cartridges with the cleaning station or purge unit, This helps maintain the cartridges in an air tight environment, If the printer hasn’t been used for a long period of time it might be a good idea to use the printhead cleaning process in step 1,

When moving the printer always try to keep the printer level, On most inket printers the waste black ink is stored in a waste collector sponge, this sponge is good for the life of the printer and should never have to be emptied, But when the printer is moved and stored in an upright position the ink from the waste sponge will sometimes leak out of the printer and form a puddle on the bottom of the printer, When this happens it can cause all sort of problems within the printer, The waste ink can leak out onto sensors or the encoder strip, If ink get into the sensors or the encode strip it is very hard to clean off and could spell the end of the machine, So always keep the machine on a level surface,



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