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Office Chairs- The Benefits Of Using a Good Office Chair While Working from Home or in the office


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In this Corvid 19 environment 88% of organizations have encouraged or required their employees to work from home, working from home may sound easy and all its take is a chair, laptop and the interest, but a large majority of the population either doesn’t have a proper setup or a setup that isn’t ergonomic. Many people work on their couches, at their kitchen table, or while sitting on a stiff chair in their home office. As the days progress, it is becoming increasingly important for people to invest in a good office chair. So, what drives this importance of using a good office chair while we work from home?

Better Sitting position

Ever since the word, that is, ergonomics has spread, research has concluded the angles at which our desks and chairs should be placed along with their heights for health benefits. While, no doubt, that will make your home office setup to become more ergonomic, it won’t be as effective for your back. The most that it will do is, it will reduce the percentage of the strain that you might feel in your neck. At the end of the day, these angles and heights are just not doing enough in return for the effort. When it comes to working in an environment where one must sit for prolonged periods of time, there’s no doubt that our main focus should be our back’s health. We have had customers sitting on a side of a coach or a kitchen chair for hours a days, over time this can lead to back pain, it can also cause increased stress to the muscles in the neck, arms and legs and this can lead to a tremendous amount of pressure to spinal discs. There is also the metal heath issues that goes along with this, when buying a chair there is no such thing as a perfect seat adjustment, providing a chair specifically designed for everyone is not possible. The best way to insure you buy the correct chair is to get a chair with fully adjustable back and seat that can accommodate a maximum range of adjustments, Buying a chair with soft padding may seem very conformable at the time but If you sit for long periods of time on a soft chair it distributes the force of your weight into your muscles and can make you feel worse. A very soft surface makes your back curve which in the long run could cause complications, If this is the case it may help to put a towel or something soft but not squishy under or around your sitting position

Stops you from Slouching

Sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods of time can definitely cause low back pain or worsen an existing back problem. This is why we must ensure that our posture remains impeccable throughout. After a certain point, all of us tend to slouch over unless, of course, if we use an office chair that helps us maintain our right best posture and keep us in.  Once you slouch for prolonged time periods, day after day your spine’s health is sure to deteriorate. We must stress even with the best fitted chair we would always recommend getting up and moving around after prolonged time sitting in a chair.

Our spine is constructed of discs and ligaments. Unless you maintain your posture while sitting, you have a high possibility of overstretching these the spinal ligaments. That’s not all, after a certain point of continuous slouching, the spine’s discs start to become strained, as well. This can have a highly damaging effect on the structure of your spine. So, to prevent the future back pain that could be debilitating, it is important for you to invest in a good office chair. One that will do all the work for you.

 Improves Wellness

A Good Office Chair Will Help Improve wellness Over Time, how will investing you money into purchasing a good office chair help you combat some of the health problems that come with slouching over in our current unsupported chairs?

Several high-quality office chairs have features, such as a contoured backrest, a height-adjustable neck rest, pivoting armrests, and more. All of these features are designed specifically for the purpose of preventing you from slouching over. How so? Well, a contoured backrest will help cradle your back and will also help you in maintaining your posture without you having to put in the work. All in all, a good office chair will, without a doubt, help you in improve your posture. This directly leads to improving the health of your spine in the long term.

 Minimization Of Neck Problems

While you work at a desk for prolonged time periods, it comes as no surprise this can lead quite a lot of tension and strain within your back, neck and shoulders, where you can definitely feel the stiffness in your neck after a long day’s work.. By investing in a good office chair, which has a supportive neck rest, you can actively avoid bad posture and neck problems,

 Less Pressure Absorbed Within Your Hips

Most of the chairs that you’ll find in your home will have a hard surface or a soft, yet thin cushion, which is placed on the hard frame. Using these chairs in your home office setup can cause you to exert a dangerous amount of pressure on your hips. As time progresses, this can lead to either extreme discomfort or even numbness. This is another issue that can be prevented with the use of a good office chair, as the high-quality ones have a seat that is soft yet sturdy. The height of a good office chair’s seat can also be adjusted to make sure that there is minimal to no pressure absorbed within your hips during long work hours. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who may suffer from sciatica.

Improving Productivity:

All adjustable features of a well ergonomic office chair will accommodate the different body types, activities, and work styles. A well fitted chair will allow you to work for longer periods by improving your comfort and ensuring that you are in the best position to perform your tasks. You will be less likely to be distracted by soreness and able to focus on job tasks.

 Enhancing Job Satisfaction:

Ergonomic office chairs are more comfortable than the standard office chairs as they have multiple adjustment positions and can be adapted to fit each user. Using a supportive chair that allows you to perform your job duties without causing pain, fatigue, or muscle strain will keep you in a more positive state of mind.

 Save you money !!

You may view the cost of an ergonomic chair as expensive but this should not be looked at as expensive but rather an investment in your health, back related problems can very debilitating and very expensive when you factor in medical costs when visiting your doctor/physiotherapist, a new ergonomic chair will allow you to sit for longer periods of time allowing you to be more productive, it will promote proper posture and allow you to perform tasks more efficiently,

If your current chair is not suited it may cause muscle pain and tightness that requires you to take more frequent breaks to stand and walk around. The need for frequent breaks reduces your productivity throughout the day.

Better posture what more could one want? No doubt buying a good office chair isn’t just money well spent rather, it is an investment. The return of which you are sure to receive in the long term.

Simple ways of helping with back pain when sitting for a long time,

Try and change your seating position to a standing desk, these desks can be raised to a standing height allows the person to work standing upright hence taking the pressure of your back, we would recommend one that is ergonomically designed to help you maintain good posture by allowing you to adjust the height of the desk,

Use a heating pad. Many people find heat soothing. It also promotes healing by bringing blood to your back.

Use a support. Placing a rolled-up towel or special lumbar pillow at the base of your spine while sitting will help you remember to sit up straight and provide you with some stability.

Get a massage. This can help loosen and relax tight muscles.

Consider yoga. Yoga is known for its ability to stretch and strengthen the body. Many programs allow for modification of the poses as needed.

We hope you found this article helpful, if you looking to purchase an office chair and are no sure what chair would suit your need please feel free to take a look at our full range of chairs or call us in Swords Co Dublin on 018408031




How to Work Out The Cost of Your Printer | Office Plus

How To Work Out The Cost Of Your Printer

One should be able to predict, what there printing costs will be, for their home or business use. This task is not difficult to undertake but highly essential.

The easiest and quickest way to work out the average cost of your Printer using Original ink cartridges we would need to use the following calculation:

Cartridge price / Page yield = Cost per Page

If we use one of the most popular cartridges at the moment the HP 304 black ink cartridge for example, we divide the cost of the cartridge which is €19.99 by 190 page yield, giving us a cost per page of roughly 9.5c cents per Page€19.99 / 190 pages = 9.5 cents per page

This is not the true cost per copy as the page yields are only based on a 5% coverage, so the more ink we use on the sheet the higher the cost per page will be,To keep the cost down we would always recommend using the high yield cartridges, example of pricing below.Again If we use the HP 304 xl black ink cartridge for example, we divide the cost of the cartridge which is €34.99 by 300 page yield, giving us a cost per page of roughly 8.5c cents per Page

If you were to use the same calculation but using one of our compatible cartridges the cost savings would be the following,

Compatible 304xl black cost €31.99 page yield of 600 pages the cost per page works out roughly at 5c per page, Thats a cost saving of 3c per page using our Compatible ink cartridges,

Here is a link to go even further into calculating the cost of printing

Being able to identify your monthly expected costs for the printing expenses can be highly important for the businesses. This can help you keep a track of your expenses and predict your profit, or determining your loss based on the high expenses you have to bare. Being a part of large some corporate company calculating the printing costs are a significant part of your budget for expenses. However, if one is able to precisely predict the cost of a new printer per month, he will be able to allocate the budget in the most rightful manner for specific areas. The method for calculating the cost per month becomes more evident when you have a good many printers with the costs increasing and becoming more significant than ever, you may end up predicting the wrong amount for your budget.

The main problem that people face is the fact that they do not in most cases know how to accurately predict the cost of the printer, often they are confused by the real cost that is displayed by the manufacturer while the reality is different, if they are anyhow able to calculate the correct amount for the printer it will eventually save them from a lot of future hassle and struggle. The guide we have here provides you with just the method you need to know to accurately predict the printers cost.

What Is The Cost Of Output?

This is the first ultimate steps paving way to your further calculation. The cost of your output is an important amount to be figured out. This term imply means how much does it cost you to print a page from your printer. As terrific as it may seem, this is pretty easy to figure out once you know the method.

What Is Your Printer’s Cost?

The cost of your printer is the first expense which needs to be brought under consideration. The prices of the printer vary greatly among the various models that are available in the market. You need to do a thorough research on the type of printer you or your company needs, if you are not able to identify a type that maximises the amount of benefit you may reap from the printer, you are moving for great deal of trouble for yourself. You need to select a printer that delivers you more than what you expect. While selecting the printer, make sure it comes along with all the necessities you may need to set it up.

What Is The Cost Of Ink?

Another important expense other than the cost of printer itself is the cost of ink you may need to support the work. In order to find out the calculation you need to the page on cartridge of ink may produce. The second step is to figure out the number of page you have to print each day. Then further you can calculate the amount of time a single cartridge will last. Leading you further to know how often you would need to purchase the ink cartridge.

What Is The Cost Of Paper?

Similarly, the next step you need to take is to figure out how many papers will you need throughout the whole month. First calculate the amount of paper each employee that works in your company needs, how much they print and base your calculations per month.

In order to know how much each employee uses the printer initiate something like giving them credits for each term of use, this will help you keep a track.

What Is The Duty Cycle Of Your Printer?

Among various other instructions that come along with the printer, the amount of duty cycle which means the numbers of times it can effectively print before it need to be replaced is there. This is important information which you need to include in your calculations. This may help you decide what a better opportunity to invest is. Are the costs effective, is the life of printer more than enough compared to what your expectations and requirements are?

What Is The Cost Of New Parts?

You need to prepare ahead of times, by planning what are the cost of spare parts, which you may at an emergency situation need to get. If the printer stops working, how the cost will be dealt with, how much can the cost go.


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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and we guess face masks are now here to stay. While they are not a complete solution to COVID-19, they can decrease the risk significantly. In such times wearing a face mask has become a duty and one we need to fulfil.

Of course, apart from being a duty in these times, the face mask is beneficial when it comes to protection. A lot of research is still being done on how beneficial they are for everyone’s health.

However, here are a few benefits we know of that are much needed during this pandemic.

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Protecting others and yourself

Of course, this is the most important benefit of wearing face masks. In such times you need to make sure you are protected. They are also a measure of protecting others in case you are a carrier and you don’t know about it.

It is highly beneficial if you wear it in spaces that have a lot of crowds. It is not safe to go in a public place without a mask as it acts as a layer of protection for everyone involved. In case you cough or anything, the particles will not go out and harm anyone close to you.

The same way if anyone else is wearing a mask, they will not transfer their germs to you. It is always better to be safe in these situations than sorry.

Reduces the spread of the virus

Research studies done in Hong Kong have suggested that the use of face masks can stop the spread of the virus. This is because these are standard and adequate measures that need to be taken during such a time.

The spread of any disease can be slow if carriers take precautionary measures the right way. The use of face masks is one such measure that the world can benefit from during this difficult time.

Protects you from the environment

We are not talking about normal cloth face masks here, but proper masks that are respirators. What their function is that they filter the air coming in and going out from the mask. In this way, no harmful substance or particle can enter your face mask as it will be blocked by the respirator.

This is what most workers in the healthcare field wear. The respirator acts as a barrier and filters every particle of air. So, even if not corona it will protect you from harmful air if you live in a city that has a high level of air pollution.

Link below to an in depth study of wearing a face mask

Final words

Face masks have many other benefits that extend way beyond the outbreak happening now. It is a layer of protection that one should have as an extra precautionary measure. However, at this time they are needed more than ever. So, make sure you protect yourself the right way and wear face masks while also following other protocols to ensure maximum safety!