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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and we guess face masks are now here to stay. While they are not a complete solution to COVID-19, they can decrease the risk significantly. In such times wearing a face mask has become a duty and one we need to fulfil.

Of course, apart from being a duty in these times, the face mask is beneficial when it comes to protection. A lot of research is still being done on how beneficial they are for everyone’s health.

However, here are a few benefits we know of that are much needed during this pandemic.

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Protecting others and yourself

Of course, this is the most important benefit of wearing face masks. In such times you need to make sure you are protected. They are also a measure of protecting others in case you are a carrier and you don’t know about it.

It is highly beneficial if you wear it in spaces that have a lot of crowds. It is not safe to go in a public place without a mask as it acts as a layer of protection for everyone involved. In case you cough or anything, the particles will not go out and harm anyone close to you.

The same way if anyone else is wearing a mask, they will not transfer their germs to you. It is always better to be safe in these situations than sorry.

Reduces the spread of the virus

Research studies done in Hong Kong have suggested that the use of face masks can stop the spread of the virus. This is because these are standard and adequate measures that need to be taken during such a time.

The spread of any disease can be slow if carriers take precautionary measures the right way. The use of face masks is one such measure that the world can benefit from during this difficult time.

Protects you from the environment

We are not talking about normal cloth face masks here, but proper masks that are respirators. What their function is that they filter the air coming in and going out from the mask. In this way, no harmful substance or particle can enter your face mask as it will be blocked by the respirator.

This is what most workers in the healthcare field wear. The respirator acts as a barrier and filters every particle of air. So, even if not corona it will protect you from harmful air if you live in a city that has a high level of air pollution.

Link below to an in depth study of wearing a face mask

Final words

Face masks have many other benefits that extend way beyond the outbreak happening now. It is a layer of protection that one should have as an extra precautionary measure. However, at this time they are needed more than ever. So, make sure you protect yourself the right way and wear face masks while also following other protocols to ensure maximum safety!